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The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Day Camp

When you think of summer, what pops into your mind first? Right off the top of our heads, we think of the sun, being outside, having fun, and spending our days as we see fit. What we don’t think about is lounging around all summer on our phones or with video game controllers glued to the palms of our hands. 

If you’d like your child to spend their summer with our personal vision of summer fun, take a deeper dive into the benefits of sending your child to summer day camp here at Briarwood.

Staying Active & Healthy

One of the main benefits of enrolling your child in summer day camp is the simple fact they will spend a large majority of their weekdays participating in active, physical activities. From general athletics to archery to boating, there are a number of ventures on offer for our campers. The wonderful thing about these activities is they give campers a chance to try something for the first time, which can turn a test run into a hobby. 

Maintaining an active lifestyle is something we try and impart on every camper, and partaking in multiple pastimes throughout the week keeps them going throughout the summer. Kids can lose their general edge once school lets out, so we make sure to keep them thriving during the time of the year where it matters most. A summer spent being active and having fun is much better than staying indoors absorbed in a screen. 

Positive Interactions with Campers Old & New

One of the great things about summer camp is it often introduces campers to a batch of kids they don’t encounter during the school year. Branching out and making new connections is key to being a well-rounded adult and summer camp offers those interactions in spades. The thing is, camp offers both social and teamwork interactions. 

While social interactions involve building friendships and sharing personal details, teamwork involves being able to collaborate with others in order to adequately complete a task. Simultaneously building social and teamwork skills throughout the summer, regardless of whether it’s during lunch or while participating in an activity, allows our campers to step into the next school year and beyond as better versions of themselves with confidence to boot. 

Summer Camp Fosters Independence   

Although summer day camp eliminates the “sleep away” aspect from the equation, it still lends the benefit of allowing your child to feel more independent. After all, spending their weekdays away from home for the majority of the day while relying on themselves to get things done will have that impact. 

Without their parents around, kids will learn how to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions on how to complete an activity without parental guidance. This is invaluable when it comes to your child shaping their overall identity. Not only will they learn what goes into making a good or bad decision, but they will be able to lean on their peers for advice too. Being allowed this freedom offers a small glimpse into what the future will be like. Giving kids the chance to be independent within a controlled setting is invaluable when it comes to their development. 

Oak Crest Day Camp Offers All the Benefits of Summer 

We love helping kids not only have a phenomenal summer but also helping them be the best versions of themselves. Even if that version is likely to change and evolve as they get older, the lessons they learn and the experiences they have at day camp will aid in shaping that evolution. 

If you’re interested in enrolling your child here at Oak Crest Day Camp, get in touch with us! Call us at 732-297-2000.

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