LIT Program (10th & 11th Graders) - Oak Crest Day Camp

LIT Program (10th & 11th Graders)

The LIT Experience

  • Learn hands-on leadership skills in an exciting new place.
  • Then, bring those skills home to make a difference in the lives of our campers.

DSCN0863At camp, everything we do points toward SUCCESS and our mission is to create a Summer Experience for our families so exceptional that it makes campers for life! When you become a 9th or 10th grader, SUCCESS and EXCEPTIONALITY begin to take on new meanings. Our commitment to our LITs is to help you develop leadership skills for problem solving, role modeling, and working as a team.

Take on meaningful RESPONSIBILITY. We want you to become a SUCCESSFUL and EXCEPTIONAL staff member, but we also want you to gain important skills for college and for beginning your career.

IMG_6500Our LITs participate in an overnight trip and spend the rest of the Summer working in camp with our camper groups. Oak Crest LITs complete our Staff Training which helps prepare them to work with our campers. Throughout the Summer, our LITs have the opportunity to work with a variety of age groups giving them a boarder skill set. LITs receive daily feedback from our LIT Director in addition to participating in weekly meetings to discuss their challenges and different strategies to meet those challenges.

Leadership Trip: GLOBAL ROUTES: Appalachian Leadership Training Expedition at Worthington State Forest

This trip is a hiking adventure through the Worthington State Forest.  Your child will have the opportunity to prepare his/her backpack, rock climb, hike, set up a campsite, and canoe on the Delaware River.  This program has been VERY successful in teaching teens the concepts of teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. This program includes leadership training both by the Oak Crest Staff and the Global Routes Staff, and significant hiking and camping.  IT IS DESIGNED TO GET YOUNG PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONES and push them to see what they can accomplish.  We have been running this program for 8 years and reviews and results have been great across the board.

Program Includes

  • Commitment to 6, 7 or 8 weeks employment as LIT
  • Complete LIT training including formal weekly meeting and ongoing job supervision
  • LIT salary and potential for added gratuities from parents
  • Transportation to and from camp

Application Process

To apply now, please fill out the online job application. Also, you must return the following items by mail to Oak Crest:

  • Weeks Enrolled
  • A $700.00 deposit
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Last year’s school transcripts
  • 250-500 word essay to answer the following question:
    • How has your personal camp experience influenced you to want to participate in the LIT program?