Munchkins (Ages 3-5) - Oak Crest Day Camp

Munchkins (Ages 3-5)

At Oak Crest, we offer a 5 full-day program as well as a 3 full-day program. Our Munchkin Division boasts the lowest camper-to-staff ratio in camp. Groups are typically between 10 and 12 campers with 3 to 4 staff members. Plus, each activity is run by one of our Munchkin Specialists who are hired and trained to specifically work with our 3, 4, and 5 year olds.
The focus of the Munchkin Program is three fold: development of gross and fine motor skills through athletic and creative activities, learn to swim, and social development.

Munchkin Athletics

At Oak Crest, we have MINI versions of EVERYTHING! Whether it is mini-soccer, mini-basketball, t-ball, or gymnastics; we have modified traditional activities so our youngest campers can experience success. Your camper will enjoy learning the basic skills of traditional sports with our athletic specialists, who are specially-trained to teach and engage our 3, 4, and 5 year old campers.

Creative Arts

Oak Crest’s Creative Arts Center is second to none. Your child will be exposed to a variety of artistic activities in air conditioned classrooms led by art teachers. At least once a week, our campers attend Ceramics, Music, Cooking, Drama, Nature, Dance, Digital Photography, Jewelry Making, Computers, and more.

All of our Munchkin groups perform a Dance routine in our annual Showcrest (Dance and Drama Production). Showcrest is no small production! It is traditionally held the 6th week of camp in the evening at a local venue, complete with professional sound and lighting!

Low Ropes

Climbing and Ropes Courses are a big part of the Summer Camp experience. At Oak Crest, we built a low ropes course not only to help develop our Munchkin’s gross motor skills but also gain some of the tools they will need to tackle our Climbing Tower. Our Munchkins spend their time at the Low Ropes Course climbing, exploring, and swinging while just inches off the ground.

Our ropes courses are inspected and certified for safety before each season by the same company that built the courses and daily by our certified ropes instructors, who also lead the groups through all of our ropes courses.

Learn to Swim

Swimming is not only a life skill, but there is no better place to teach your child how to swim than in our brand new, state of the art 12,000 square foot Aquatic Complex. We teach and train our own instructors every year and our swim techniques are based not only on the American Red Cross, but over 25 years of practical experience teaching children how to swim. IT’S A GUARANTEE that your child will learn how to swim at Oak Crest!

For our Beginners, our state-of- the-art Aquatic Facility has two shallow pools so even our youngest camper can stand. This dramatically increases their comfort level as well as their initial progress. Every morning, our campers participate in a 40-minute swim lesson led by one of our certified swim instructors with the assistance of the group counselors. Every afternoon, our campers return to the aquatic complex for 40 minutes of free swim where they are able to play with other campers as well as the group counselors.

Social Development

IMG_0099The most magical thing about camp is that children learn how to get along with others in a group setting. In doing so, they become more confident and independent. While traveling from activity to activity, the group works on building friendships, working together, sharing, taking turns and learning to interact in a respectful way with other campers and staff. Our staff encourage our Munchkin campers to use words to express themselves and coach them on communicating directly. Oak Crest offers a caring environment where children learn the emotional and social skills necessary to succeed in life.

Munchkin Lunch

In order to better serve the nutritional needs of our preschool campers, Munchkins eat separately from the rest of camp and get the first lunch period of the day. The Oak Crest Staff will accommodate any dietary needs your child may have.