Transportation - Oak Crest Day Camp



transportationOak Crest Day Camp offers Central Bus Transportation which is included in tuition.

We also provide Door-to-Door Transportation (at an Additional Charge) to our surrounding areas. Each year, we redesign our bus routes to better meet the needs of our campers and we use a computerized optimization routing system to ensure that our routes are as efficient as possible.

We only use Professionally-Trained Drivers with Commercial Drivers Licenses in Air-Conditioned Buses. Most of our bus fleet is comprised of 16 to 24 passenger vehicles. Our buses are not only staffed with Oak Crest Drivers but also Bus Counselors to keep your child safe and engaged during the bus ride. At Oak Crest the camp day begins the second we pick up your child at your door, not when they arrive at camp!

We pride ourselves on accommodating the needs for our families so if you have a special request or question regarding transportation, please do not hesitate to contact us.