What Our Families Say - Oak Crest Day Camp

What Our Families Say

Image-4833146-221739496-2-Web_0_710c927fd2602838ceedd0fcc1d4f449_1I am a pre-school teacher and have worked in a few different centers in the area and must state that Oak Crest is operated better than most schools. The camp is so organized and well structured, even lunch time runs smoothly. I was very impressed (at parent’s visitation) how alert my son’s counselor was. She didn’t even sit down to eat because her eyes and ears were on the children at every moment. I am a divorced single parent, and it sure makes my life easier sending my son here for camp every day while I go to work. I know that he is in great hands and having the time of his life!!! THAT means the world to me and I THANK YOU!!!”

Parents of 2nd grade boy, 1st summer at Oak Crest

“This is my son’s 3rd year at Oak Crest, and we couldn’t be happier! My son absolutely loves camp. He is only 7, but he is already talking about becoming a counselor. Oak Crest is a place where kids can truly shine and feel great about themselves. The counselors are extremely positive, and it is obvious that they are there because they love kids. Also, where else can you find a camp owner who is so involved with everything that is going on in his camp? We never know what you will do next, Jonathan. Thank you for making every summer such an enriching and magical experience for our son.”

Parents of 2nd grade boy, 3rd summer at Oak Crest

IMG_3803“Our son had a great summer at Oak Crest. Every night he would describe his day as ‘AWESOME!’ The camp is very efficiently run and the counselors are well-trained, qualified, polite and excellent role models. Jonathan, the owner, is very hands-on and brings his tremendous enthusiasm and energy to every aspect of the camp. Our son was exposed to many activities and sports and gained great confidence and made many friends. The swim program is also excellent.”

Parents of 3rd grade boy, 1st summer at Oak Crest

“My daughter has been going to Oak Crest for 6 years now. I work full-time, I need 8 weeks of care and I need my daughter to be stimulated and challenged. Oak Crest provides this. Some may say it is expensive, but the bus picks her up at the house at 8, drops her off at the house at 4:50, feeds her lunch, provides swim lessons, all kinds of activities (physical and entertaining and creative) and she goes to camp everyday happy and comes home exhausted and happy. She has made some great friends there that she continues to see year-round. The counselors are awesome, as are the instructors. Jessi has never had a counselor that has not been enthusiastic, caring and good with kids. I highly recommend Oak Crest. Your child will be blown away by the experience. And the camp director, Jonathan, gives 110% of himself (or more) every day!”

Parents of 3rd grade girl, 6th summer at Oak Crest

IMG_6231“I highly recommend Oak Crest! My two children have been attending OC for six years. As a parent who likes to do thorough research and is cautious when it comes to my children, I can honestly say that my kids are in a friendly, fun, safe, and caring environment. This is a camp that reinvests in their infrastructure annually and it pays off for the campers. The director and assistant director make themselves available whenever needed.”

Parents of 6th grade girl & 4th grade girl, 6th summer at Oak Crest

“My 6 year old son has spent 2 years at Oak Crest and our whole family loves the camp. Our 3 year old son will be starting 3 days a week this coming summer. There are tons of the things to do for the kids while at camp: several different pools, a go-kart track, skateboarding, arts and crafts, etc. During the school year, our boys go to daycare, but in the summer, we were looking for something a little more exciting. Although Oak Crest is slightly more monthly then our daycare, it is well worth it! The counselors have been great the past 2 years, all the staff is very attentive to the children. I feel secure knowing my son is in their hands when he gets on the bus in the morning. We can’t wait for our little one to start this summer!”

Parents of 1st grade boy, 2nd summer at Oak Crest

Image-4833146-221739339-2-Web_0_58cbc017977f575c1a9e972cec7d2746_1“Oak Crest is an OUTSTANDING summer camp experience for children of all ages. Jonathan Gold has years of experience and a passion for making Oak Crest the BEST. He strives for constant improvement. The camp itself is awesome, is large and the number of activities offered are unprecedented. Everyone that works there, and I mean everyone, shares Jonathan’s vision and mission. My son has attended 3 years and is already signed up for next year. I can’t say enough about Oak Crest – my son loves it there and I love the way the kids are treated there. Physical and emotional safety are of paramount importance, then next on the list is FUN. The atmosphere at camp is one of happy, positive enthusiasm and there are special events all the time. The counselors are hand-picked. Again, I really cannot say enough.”

Parents of 2nd grade boy, 3rd summer at Oak Crest

“You will never find a better camp then Oak Crest Day Camp. It is ‘One of a Kind!’ When I first started looking into camps, I needed an environment that was going to provide me with the best of both worlds – a great summer experience for my son, and an onsite nurse to look over his medical condition, Type 1 diabetes. I looked at so many different camps, but none of them had any medical staff. The best they could offer was 911 in the event of an emergency, and that wasn’t an option. Then a friend told me about Oak Crest. So I called and spoke to Jonathan Gold about his program and explained to him what I needed. He told me not only did he have one onsite nurse, he had two. That was it, I was sold. It was a dream come true. It will be 8 years this summer that my son has been attending Oak Crest. He’s going into his second year of Teen Travel and having a blast. He loves it so much that he wants to enroll in the camp’s Counselor-in-Training program so that he can work there when he’s old enough. I can’t say enough about Jonathan and his amazing staff, they are all A+ people. Words can’t truly describe the experience your child will have by attending Oak Crest; all I know is that you won’t be disappointed.”

Parents of 8th grade boy, 8th summer at Oak Crest

Image-4833146-219106812-2-Web_0_9c04ccde20e3a02c0cbce5ddbecc0908_1“This was our first summer sending our son to Oak Crest. We were extremely pleased! From the Open House, to the Orientation, to the driver actually coming to our house twice to introduce himself to us, to the counselors and the owner and everything in-between! It is a well-run professional camp and you know that the hands-on owner loves what he does and cares about everyone that steps foot into the Camp! We have already signed up our son for the summer of 2012!”

Parents of Kindergarten boy, 1st summer at Oak Crest

“My son has been going to this camp since before he was totally potty-trained, which they get credit for helping with. He loves the counselors, instructors, directors and other campers, as do I. He has made great fiends with not only other campers but with his counselors, and they keep in touch even after the summer is over. Yes it is a little pricey, but there is no dollar limit to my son’s safety and happiness. They say ‘You get what you pay for,’ and in this case you do – it’s worth every penny!”

Parents of 5th grade boy, 8th summer at Oak Crest

Image-4833146-218646528-2-Web_0_b954da28f01f492d0facf3a71484848f_1“My 3 children (now 17, 15 and 10) have been enrolled in Oak Crest’s Summer camp over the last 10 years. The passion that the camp director has is contagious and is evident in the staff and atmosphere that you will find there every day. I feel very satisfied knowing that the fun, the achievements and the friendships that they have taken from their time spent at Oak Crest will be part of their memories and their very being for a long time to come!”

Parents of 5th grade girl, LIT, & staff member, 10th summer at Oak Crest

“We LOVE Oak Crest! I cannot say enough good things about it! My children have grown up there. There is always something new and exciting. For years, my son could not understand why he could only go to camp for 8 weeks and had to go to school the rest of the year. The facility is beautiful and well kept. The staff is amazing! I just can’t put into words what the past 4 summers at Oak Crest have meant to my children and what that means to us!”

Parents of 2nd grade girl & 4th grade boy, 4th summer at Oak Crest

Image-4833146-221739651-2-Web_0_7139a32fd89d068d0fb00861af3274c0_1“We’ve sent our kids for 5 years and numerous of our neighbors have done the same. Oak Crest is one of the highlights of their childhood – a special, home-away-from-home type camp. Cheerful, meticulously clean facilities, something new every year. Bottom line, the kids are physically and emotionally safe and encouraged – great confidence builder. The children have a wholesome, kid-centered time – what summers are supposed to be! It is so nice to see kids being kids! All you see are lots smiles when you visit. At orientation and other times when parents get together, I hear the same sentiments from every parent – Oak Crest is one of the best decisions we’ve all made. It is not cheap, but it is a great value – unbelievable range of experiences for the boys and girls, and different things for different ages too. I would consider Oak Crest a superior place, carefully managed and delivers what it promises. The kids talk about ‘next year’ all the time. They LOVE it, so we love it!”

Parents of twin 4th grade girls & 6th grade girl, 5th summer at Oak Crest

“My son has been at Oak Crest every summer for 6 years and we love it. The staff and kids have become like family. Each year gets better and better with new programs. My son will be going into his second year of teen travel and is having a blast on the trips. We would never consider another camp. It is a great value with all that is included.”

Parents of 8th grade boy, 6th summer at Oak Crest