Unleash the Power of Soccer at Oak Crest Day Camp | Summer Fun in Bedminster, New Jersey!

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Summer Camp at Oak Crest Day Camp

Welcome to Oak Crest Day Camp, nestled in the heart of Bedminster, New Jersey! As summer approaches, families are gearing up for a season of fun, adventure, and growth for their children. At Oak Crest, we pride ourselves on offering an enriching experience that combines the joy of the outdoors with engaging activities designed to foster personal development and lasting memories.

Why Choose Summer Camp?


Summer camp is more than just a break from school; it’s an opportunity for children to explore, learn, and grow in a supportive environment. Away from the distractions of screens and schedules, campers have the chance to connect with nature, build friendships, and discover new passions. Oak Crest Day Camp provides a safe and nurturing space where campers can challenge themselves, try new things, and develop essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the summer months.

Our Approach to Summer Camp

At Oak Crest, we believe in the power of experiential learning. Our carefully crafted programs are designed to promote physical activity, creativity, and social interaction. From traditional camp activities like swimming and arts and crafts to specialized programs in sports, performing arts, and outdoor adventure, there’s something for every camper to enjoy. Our experienced staff members are dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere where every child feels valued and supported.

Creating Lasting Memories


One of the most cherished aspects of summer camp is the sense of community and camaraderie that develops among campers and staff. Whether it’s sharing stories around the campfire, conquering challenges on the ropes course, or cheering on teammates during a friendly game of capture the flag, the bonds formed at Oak Crest last a lifetime. Our campers leave with a newfound sense of confidence, independence, and belonging that stays with them long after the summer ends.

Soccer at Oak Crest Day Camp

For young athletes with a passion for soccer, Oak Crest offers an exciting array of opportunities to hone their skills, make friends, and experience the thrill of competition. Our soccer program is led by experienced coaches who are dedicated to creating a supportive and challenging environment where players can reach their full potential.

Skills Development


At Oak Crest, we believe in the importance of skill development at every level. Whether your child is just learning the basics of dribbling and passing or is a seasoned player looking to refine their technique, our soccer program offers tailored instruction to meet their needs. Through a combination of drills, scrimmages, and game play, campers will develop essential skills such as ball control, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Friendly Competition

While skill development is important, so too is the opportunity for friendly competition and camaraderie. Our soccer program includes regular scrimmages and friendly matches where campers can put their skills to the test in a supportive and encouraging environment. Whether playing for fun or competing for the camp championship, the emphasis is always on teamwork, effort, and good sportsmanship.

Building Confidence


Participating in team sports like soccer is a great way for children to build confidence and self-esteem. At Oak Crest, we celebrate each camper’s successes, whether it’s scoring their first goal or mastering a new move. Our coaches provide positive reinforcement and constructive feedback to help campers grow both on and off the field, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment that extends beyond the soccer field.

Staying Active and Healthy

In addition to developing soccer skills, our program emphasizes the importance of staying active and healthy. Through dynamic warm-ups, conditioning exercises, and nutrition education, campers learn how to fuel their bodies for optimal performance and recovery. Soccer at Oak Crest isn’t just about winning games; it’s about developing lifelong habits of physical fitness and wellness.

Fun and Friendship


Above all, soccer at Oak Crest is about having fun and making memories with friends. Whether it’s celebrating a hard-fought victory, supporting teammates through a tough loss, or simply enjoying the thrill of playing the game they love, campers come away from the experience with cherished memories and lasting friendships that extend far beyond the soccer field.

Join Us at Oak Crest Day Camp

Whether your child is a soccer enthusiast, an aspiring artist, or an outdoor adventurer, there’s something for everyone at Oak Crest Day Camp. With a wide range of activities, experienced staff, and a commitment to excellence, we’re proud to offer a summer camp experience that is truly second to none. Join us this summer and discover the magic of Oak Crest!