Unleash Adventure at Oak Crest Day Camp in Belle Mead, NJ | Best Summer Camp Activities

Summer camp for 1st & 2nd graders 6-8 years old near Belle Mead

At Oak Crest Day Camp, located near Belle Mead, our programs are carefully designed to grow with our campers. From their first experiences as Explorers, children are introduced to a variety of activities and challenges specifically designed to support their development. This approach builds upon the foundation laid by our Munchkin program, focusing on skill development in sports, arts, swimming, and fostering social and emotional growth.

Starting in 1st grade, our campers embark on exciting adventures that include the Climbing Tower, Zipline, and Giant Swing, along with our cherished game of GAGA. By 2nd grade, we introduce an element of autonomy with the CHOICE program, allowing campers to pick their favorite activity for the week. This option not only encourages them to explore new interests but also offers the flexibility to try something different each week, ensuring a diverse and enriching summer experience.

Explorer Athletics

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Oak Crest Day Camp, conveniently situated in the vibrant Belle Mead area, offers an enriching and tailored experience for 1st and 2nd graders. Our programs are meticulously designed to introduce younger children to the world of sports through modified versions of traditional games. By adapting fields, courts, and equipment to suit their size and capabilities, we provide a nurturing environment that emphasizes the importance of grasping fundamental skills.

Our Athletic Specialists are skilled in teaching new sports techniques and strategically organizing games to reinforce learned skills effectively. At Oak Crest, it’s not just about learning; it’s about applying and celebrating new abilities. Our counselors play an active role in each activity, working hand-in-hand with specialists to guarantee that every camper feels a sense of achievement and is acknowledged for their efforts.

This approach has made Oak Crest Day Camp a beloved choice for parents and their 6-8 year olds in Belle Mead, known for its dynamic and age-appropriate programs that cater specifically to the needs and developmental stages of younger campers.

Creative Arts

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Parents living near Belle Mead, we warmly welcome your child to Oak Crest Day Camp, now hosting its enriching programs in Belle Mead! At Oak Crest Day Camp, we offer an unparalleled camp experience, rich in artistic and creative opportunities. Our campers engage in a wide array of activities, guided by skilled art teachers in comfortable, air-conditioned facilities. From the tactile pleasure of Ceramics to the rhythm of Dance, the innovation of Mad Science, the flavors of Cooking, the expressiveness of Drama, the wonders of Nature exploration, the focus of Digital Photography, the craftsmanship of Jewelry Making, to the technology of Computers and more, each day is filled with creative exploration and discovery.

Highlights of our camp include weekly themed activities that not only entertain but also foster a deep sense of joy and creativity. A unique feature of our program is the Explorer Girl groups, designed for girls aged 6-8, who have the opportunity to participate in our annual Showcrest. This Dance and Drama Production is a highlight of the 6th week of camp, showcasing the talents of our campers in a professional setting with sound and lighting, at a local Belle Mead venue. It’s an exhilarating event that celebrates the achievements of our campers and allows them to shine. Don’t miss the chance for your child to be part of this vibrant community and create unforgettable memories at Oak Crest Day Camp in Belle Mead!

Learn to Swim

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Oak Crest Day Camp, situated in our new Belle Mead location, is renowned for its exceptional Learn-to-Swim Program, a cornerstone of our camp offerings that has garnered acclaim from both children aged 6-8 and their parents in the Belle Mead vicinity. Our state-of-the-art, 12,000 square foot Aquatic Complex stands as a beacon for aspiring swimmers, meticulously designed to cater to the developmental stages of young swimmers.

This Aquatic Complex is engineered with a variety of water depths that begin at a safe 1-foot, ideal for beginners, and extend up to 6 feet for more advanced swimmers. This graduated depth approach ensures a nurturing environment for children to safely enhance their swimming skills, from the basics to more confident and proficient levels.

At Oak Crest, swim lessons are a pivotal part of the day. Each morning, children engage in 40-minute sessions led by our certified swim instructors and supported by group counselors. These lessons are customized to match each child’s swimming ability rather than their age, allowing for a more personalized and effective learning experience. Our instructors, who are certified annually in line with American Red Cross standards, bring over 25 years of experience to the forefront of swim education, ensuring that every child makes meaningful progress.

For families near Belle Mead looking for a comprehensive and enriching swimming program for their children, Oak Crest Day Camp offers an unparalleled experience that combines safety, fun, and learning in a supportive community environment.

Learn to Ride a Bicycle

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Parents in the Belle Mead area, get ready to ignite a passion for cycling in your young ones with Oak Crest Day Camp’s latest addition, Bicycle Village. This new feature is specifically designed for children aged 6-8 and is perfectly situated to serve families living near Belle Mead. Bicycle Village at Oak Crest is not just any cycling spot; it’s a comprehensive cycling haven equipped with a 1/4-mile training loop, an innovative pump track for those seeking a bit more adventure, and a trail that serves as an ideal precursor to mountain biking adventures.

Cycling stands as a crucial milestone in a child’s development, encouraging not only physical independence but also enhancing key skills such as balance, coordination, and motor functions. Oak Crest Day Camp takes this developmental phase to heart, providing a team of experienced instructors dedicated to nurturing your child’s cycling abilities. Each instructor is committed to offering personalized guidance, aiming to build confidence on two wheels in a supportive and positive environment.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we supply all necessary equipment, including bikes tailored to each child’s size and helmets to ensure a safe riding experience. At Oak Crest Day Camp near Belle Mead, your child is set to embark on a cycling journey that promises fun, learning, and the thrill of riding, all within the scenic confines of our newly unveiled Bicycle Village.

Ropes Course and Low Ropes Course

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Oak Crest Day Camp, conveniently located near Belle Mead, invites young adventurers, particularly those aged 6 to 8, to dive into the world of exploration and challenge at our renowned ropes courses. Our camp is dedicated to providing a dynamic low ropes course experience tailored for 1st graders, aimed at bolstering their gross motor skills in a safe and exciting environment. This foundational course is intricately designed to prepare our young campers for the thrilling Climbing Tower, marking their progression as they advance.

For 1st-grade campers, the low ropes course offers an exhilarating mix of activities including climbing, navigating, and swinging, all conducted just a few inches off the ground. This ensures a blend of fun and safety, ideal for introducing them to the joys of outdoor adventure. As they grow and step into 2nd grade, they are greeted with the Climbing Tower and Zipline—adventures that amplify their excitement and challenge them further, promoting confidence and a spirit of adventure.

At Oak Crest Day Camp, safety transcends everything. Our ropes courses are rigorously inspected and certified by their creators before the camp season commences. In addition to this, our certified ropes course instructors carry out daily checks to ensure the utmost safety. They also provide expert guidance, helping campers navigate the courses with confidence and safety.

We are proud to be a favored choice for families in Belle Mead and surrounding communities. Oak Crest Day Camp offers an unparalleled camp experience that champions skill development, boosts confidence, and most importantly, ensures a fun-filled adventure for your children. Join us for an unforgettable journey that your young explorer will treasure forever!

Social Development

For parents residing in Belle Mead and the surrounding areas, Oak Crest Day Camp presents the Explorer Division, tailored for children aged 6-8. At the heart of our program in Belle Mead, we emphasize teamwork and collaboration. Our activities are designed not just for fun but to instill a sense of community among campers. They learn the value of mutual support through engaging challenges that require working together. Our counselors are not merely supervisors; they are facilitators of meaningful connections, ensuring each child feels part of the Oak Crest family.

Respect and effective communication are pillars of our camp ethos. We create an environment where every camper is heard and valued, fostering respect through direct interactions. This nurturing setting is conducive to the development of vital social and emotional skills, preparing our young campers for a successful future. Oak Crest Day Camp stands out as a premier choice for parents in Belle Mead who prioritize comprehensive developmental experiences for their children.