Summer Camp for 3-5 Year Olds (Preschool & Kindergarten) near Somerset

Summer camp for 1st & 2nd graders 6-8 years old near Somerset

At Oak Crest, our program evolves alongside the growth of our young campers. As they progress in age, our Explorers are granted access to an array of new activities and increased challenges tailored for their development. Similar to the engaging Munchkin program, the Explorer initiative concentrates on honing skills across various athletic and creative pursuits, enhancing swimming abilities, and further fostering social and emotional intelligence.

For children entering 1st grade, we introduce them to thrilling adventures such as the Climbing Tower, Zipline, and Giant Swing, alongside the beloved Oak Crest tradition of GAGA. As they transition into 2nd grade, our campers enjoy a unique element: CHOICE. This empowering feature allows them to select their preferred activity for the week, encouraging exploration and diversity in their experiences. Each week brings a fresh opportunity for them to choose a different activity.

Explorer Athletics

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Our 1st and 2nd graders actively engage in modified versions of conventional sports. Utilizing smaller fields and courts with equipment suited to their age, we create an environment where our campers can grasp the fundamentals of each game while experiencing success. Our Athletic Specialists are adept at not only teaching new skills but also structuring game time to reinforce those skills. Oak Crest counselors actively participate alongside the campers, collaborating with specialists to ensure that every child experiences achievement and validation during these activities.

Located near Somerset, Oak Crest is the go-to camp cherished by 6-8 year-olds and their parents for its dynamic programs tailored to their developmental stages.

Creative Arts

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Join us at our popular camp in Somerset, where your child can immerse themselves in a diverse range of artistic activities! Led by experienced art teachers in comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms, our camp offers a vibrant mix of Ceramics, Music, Mad Science, Cooking, Drama, Nature exploration, Dance, Digital Photography, Jewelry Making, Computers, and more.

Every week, our campers dive into exciting activities that spark creativity and joy. But that’s not all – our Explorer Girl groups, aged 6-8, take center stage in our annual Showcrest! This spectacular Dance and Drama Production, held at a local venue during the 6th week of camp, is a grand affair featuring professional sound and lighting. Don’t miss the chance for your child to shine and be a part of this thrilling experience right here in Somerset!

Learn to Swim

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Join us at Oak Crest, where our Learn-to-Swim Program stands as a highlight of our camp experience, especially loved by 6-8-year-olds and their parents residing near Somerset. Our aquatic facility is top-notch, boasting a cutting-edge 12,000 square foot Aquatic Complex exclusively designed for our young Explorers.

Within our Aquatic Complex, children revel in a range of water depths, starting from a comfortable 1-foot depth and gradually progressing to 6 feet. This setup allows us to initiate swimmers in shallow waters, ensuring a safe and gradual transition to deeper areas as their skills advance.

Each morning, our certified swim instructors, along with group counselors, conduct engaging 40-minute swim lessons tailored to individual skill levels, rather than age brackets. We pride ourselves on challenging and nurturing swimmers of all proficiencies. Moreover, our instructors undergo yearly training, drawing from the American Red Cross standards and backed by more than 25 years of hands-on experience in teaching children how to swim.

Oak Crest remains a sought-after destination for families in Somerset, providing a delightful and comprehensive swimming program that’s cherished by both young learners and their discerning parents.

Learn to Ride a Bicycle

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Discover the joy of cycling at Oak Crest’s newest attraction, Bicycle Village, a favorite among 6-8-year-olds living near Somerset. Our vibrant hub boasts a 1/4-mile training course, a cutting-edge pump track, and a trail perfect for mountain bike preparation. Learning to ride a bike is a pivotal childhood moment, fostering independence while honing balance, coordination, and motor skills. At Oak Crest, our skilled instructors offer personalized attention, building confidence in budding cyclists. We provide appropriately sized bikes and safety helmets, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for your child.

Ropes Course and Low Ropes Course

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At Oak Crest, our exciting ropes courses cater to the adventurous spirits of young explorers aged 6 to 8! Located near Somerset, our camp offers an engaging low ropes course specifically designed to enhance the gross motor skills of our 1st-grade adventurers. This course serves as an excellent stepping stone, preparing them for the challenges of our Climbing Tower.

At the low ropes course, our 1st-grade campers experience a thrilling array of activities—climbing, exploring, and swinging—just a few inches above the ground. As our young explorers transition to 2nd grade, they eagerly take on the Climbing Tower and Zipline for the first time, experiencing the next level of excitement and adventure.

Safety is our top priority. Before each season begins, our ropes courses undergo thorough inspection and certification by the company that built them. Moreover, our certified ropes instructors conduct daily inspections and guide campers through these exhilarating courses.

Join us at Oak Crest—a popular choice among families in Somerset and its neighboring areas—for an unforgettable camp experience that fosters confidence, skill development, and, above all, fun for your 6 to 8-year-old adventurers!

Social Development

In the Explorer Division at Oak Crest, we focus on fostering teamwork and collaboration among children aged 6-8. Through various activities, our campers learn the importance of supporting each other while our dedicated counselors actively facilitate strong bonds and friendships within the group. We prioritize teaching respectful interaction and direct communication between campers and staff. At Oak Crest, we provide a nurturing environment where kids acquire essential social and emotional skills, setting them up for success in life. Popular among families in Somerset, our camp is a favorite choice for parents seeking holistic development for their children.