Discover Adventure at Oak Crest Day Camp in Belle Mead, NJ | Unleash Fun-filled Summer Activities!

Summer camp for 3rd & 4th graders 8-10 years old near Belle Mead

Oak Crest Day Camp, now located near Belle Mead, welcomes young adventurers aged 8-10 to an extraordinary world of exploration and excitement. Our camp is a beacon for children eager to immerse themselves in a diverse range of thrilling activities.

At Oak Crest Day Camp, Junior campers are greeted with a wide variety of exhilarating experiences. They will have the opportunity to engage in Archery, Mountain Biking, Lacrosse, navigate High Ropes, ride at the BMX track, and enjoy the Skatepark. Beyond the realm of athletics, our campers enjoy creative pursuits such as Instructional Swim and challenging themselves on our Climbing Tower. A highlight for our Juniors includes our exclusive Late Nights, offering additional swim time, unique games, a twilight campfire complete with S’mores, and a memorable dinner beneath the stars.

Junior Athletics

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Oak Crest Day Camp, renowned for fostering athletic zeal, provides an immersive experience for young sports enthusiasts. In our Junior program, children participate in a wide array of sports, including Soccer, Football, Pickleball, Archery, and Basketball. Each activity is guided by experts passionate about teaching, ensuring that campers not only gain new skills but also engage in exciting League Play. Here, the spirit of competition is alive, allowing campers to challenge their peers under the watchful eyes of our dedicated counselors. This unique setup promotes personal growth, teamwork, and the joy of achievement.

For parents in the vicinity of Belle Mead, Oak Crest represents the perfect blend of adventure, learning, and memory-making for your children aged 8 to 10. At our new location, every day is an opportunity for your child to embark on an unforgettable journey. Join us at Oak Crest Day Camp, and let the adventures begin!

Creative Arts

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Oak Crest Day Camp invites families near Belle Mead to explore our dynamic camp program, beloved by 8-10-year-olds and their parents alike. Our camp offers a rich palette of artistic and educational activities, all conducted in climate-controlled environments under the guidance of experienced instructors. From the tactile joy of Ceramics to the rhythms of Music, the intriguing experiments of Mad Science, and the culinary delights of Cooking, our curriculum is designed to spark creativity and curiosity. Campers also engage in Drama, Nature exploration, the thrilling Camper vs. Wild adventures, Dance, Digital Photography, Jewelry Making, and Computers, ensuring a diverse experience with each activity featured at least once per week.

A standout moment of our camp season is the participation of our Junior Girl groups in Showcrest, our annual Dance and Drama Production, held during the 6th week. This event is not merely a showcase but a grand celebration of talent, illuminated by professional sound and lighting at a local Belle Mead venue. It’s an electrifying highlight that captures the essence of our camp’s community spirit and artistic ambition.

Learn to Swim

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Oak Crest Day Camp, cherished by families near Belle Mead, invites your children to dive into our acclaimed Learn to Swim Program. This program, especially beloved by 8-10-year-olds, is a cornerstone of our camp offerings, thanks to our exceptional aquatic facilities. Our camp is home to a state-of-the-art, 12,000 square foot Aquatic Complex tailored for 3rd Grade Juniors, alongside a sprawling Gigantic Pool designed for 4th Grade Juniors, which boasts eight 25m lanes.

Our approach to swimming instruction begins with learners in shallow water, gradually moving to deeper areas as they gain proficiency. This progression is meticulously overseen by certified swim instructors and augmented by group counselors, ensuring a personalized and supportive learning environment. Each swimmer, regardless of age, receives a 40-minute lesson each day, aimed at developing their skills and confidence in the water.

Oak Crest’s swim program is built on over 25 years of experience, incorporating American Red Cross standards with proven teaching methodologies. We commit to the ongoing training of our instructors to maintain the highest standards of swimming instruction.

The swim experience at Oak Crest is further enriched by free swim sessions in the afternoons, allowing Juniors to enjoy the water in a leisurely, secure, and stimulating setting. Our program not only teaches swimming but also instills a sense of achievement and joy in every participant.

Learn to Ride a Bicycle

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Oak Crest Day Camp in Belle Mead invites parents to introduce their 8-10-year-olds to the ultimate biking experience. Our Bicycle Village features a comprehensive setup perfect for kids at different stages of learning how to ride. Boasting a 1/4 mile training course designed for beginners, an advanced pump track for more skilled riders, and a specialized mountain bike preparation trail, Oak Crest Day Camp stands as the premier destination for young cyclists.

We at Oak Crest recognize the pivotal role cycling plays in a child’s development. It’s more than just a rite of passage; it promotes essential skills such as independence, balance, coordination, posture control, and fine motor skills. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing personalized coaching, ensuring each camper gains the confidence and expertise needed to navigate the bike tracks safely.

Specifically serving families in and around Belle Mead, we offer a selection of bikes and helmets to fit all campers. Witness the joy and achievement as your child evolves from learning the basics to participating in our exhilarating Mountain Biking Program. Choose Oak Crest Day Camp for a place where young enthusiasts learn to excel in cycling and embrace the adventure it brings.

Ropes Courses

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Oak Crest Day Camp, situated near Belle Mead, is renowned for its exhilarating ropes courses, designed with varying levels of adventure to cater to different age groups and confidence levels. For younger campers, the Confidence Course is an excellent introduction to the world of adventure courses. Positioned just 5 feet off the ground, it provides a safe and secure setting for children to familiarize themselves with belaying techniques while engaging in elements similar to those found in our more advanced High Ropes Course.

For campers in search of a thrill, our Climbing Tower stands out with its dual rock walls, a 200-yard zip line, and the thrilling Giant Swing, offering a blend of challenges and excitement. The High Ropes Course escalates the adventure with a variety of rock walls and aerial obstacles, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Safety is a cornerstone of our program. Our courses are meticulously inspected by the construction company before the onset of each camp season. In addition, our certified ropes instructors perform daily safety checks and provide expert guidance to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Oak Crest Day Camp is a premier destination for children aged 8-10, offering a unique adventure in a secure and vibrant environment near Belle Mead.


Oak Crest Day Camp, situated near Belle Mead, offers an unforgettable summer experience for children aged 8-10 years. Our unique Choice Time allows campers to personalize their camp experience by selecting their preferred activities each week from a diverse and rotating lineup. Whether they have an inclination towards various sports, feel drawn to creative arts, or wish to explore their talents in drama and dance, there’s something for everyone. Highlights include engaging in our Drama Production, perfect for budding actors, or stepping into the rhythm with our special Dance routine, designed to inspire and entertain. The pinnacle of our camp season is Showcrest, the eagerly anticipated annual showcase where our young campers display their newfound skills in dance and drama, captivating their audience with performances that are both memorable and exhilarating. Join us near Belle Mead for a summer filled with adventure, creativity, and fun at Oak Crest Day Camp.

Social Development

Oak Crest Day Camp welcomes young adventurers aged 8-10 from Belle Mead and surrounding areas, offering a dynamic community where campers engage in meaningful interactions under the guidance of our committed counselors. In this nurturing environment, children learn the importance of collaboration, communication, and mutual support, essential skills that contribute to their development. Our focus is on creating an inclusive space where every child feels valued and heard, emphasizing respectful interactions and effective communication as fundamental principles. These experiences at Oak Crest not only help in building strong, lifelong friendships among our campers but also in instilling critical emotional and social skills that pave the way for their future achievements. With a firm stance against bullying, Oak Crest Day Camp is dedicated to fostering a safe and caring atmosphere for all campers.