Spark Creativity & Fun: Oak Crest's Camp for Youngsters Near Colonia

Summer camp for 3rd & 4th graders 8-10 years old near Colonia

Welcome to Oak Crest Day Camp, a favorite destination for children aged 8-10, conveniently located near Bridgewater and offering transportation services, including pick up and drop off for families living near Colonia.

Our camp provides a dynamic environment where Junior campers thrive on a mix of activities tailored for their age group. They delve into exciting pursuits such as archery, mountain biking, lacrosse, and high ropes. The BMX biking and skateboarding at our skatepark are camper favorites. Beyond physical activities, our campers enjoy creative and structured play, like climbing the tower and instructional swim sessions.

A unique feature of our program is the Late Nights event, where Juniors experience extra swim time, engage in special games, enjoy a campfire with S’mores, and have dinner under the stars. This mix of adventure and relaxation makes Oak Crest the ideal spot for young adventurers from Colonia and beyond.

Junior Athletics

8-10 Year Old Summer Camp near Colonia

At Oak Crest Day Camp, located near Bridgewater, we provide an exhilarating setting for Junior campers aged 8-10 to unleash their athletic potential. With transportation services including pick up and drop off for families near Colonia, we make accessing our facilities seamless and convenient.

Our campers engage in a wide range of sports activities, from soccer and football to pickleball, archery, and basketball, all under the guidance of specialized instructors. These activities are designed not only to refine their skills but also to foster sportsmanship through friendly League Play. Our dedicated counselors support a positive atmosphere that nurtures growth and achievement in every child.

If your child has a keen interest in sports and you live near Bridgewater, Oak Crest Day Camp is the perfect venue for them to develop their abilities, engage in healthy competition, and build lasting memories with diverse and dynamic activities. Join us and watch your child thrive in an environment built for growth and fun.

Creative Arts

3rd Grade Summer Camp Colonia

Join us at Oak Crest Day Camp, the preferred summer spot for families with 8-10-year-olds living near Colonia. We understand the importance of convenience for busy families, so we offer transportation services, including pick up and drop off, ensuring easy access to our camp near Bridgewater.

Our camp features air-conditioned classrooms where children engage in a variety of artistic activities under the guidance of skilled instructors. Each week, campers have the opportunity to delve into ceramics, music, science experiments, cooking, drama, nature, dance, digital photography, jewelry making, and computer skills.

A special highlight for our Junior Girl groups is participating in Showcrest, our annual Dance and Drama event during the 6th week of camp. This event, held at a local venue equipped with professional sound and lighting, provides a unique platform for campers to showcase their creativity and dance talents in front of an audience, making it a truly unforgettable experience. Join us to see how your child can explore, learn, and shine at Oak Crest Day Camp!

Learn to Swim

8 Year Old Day Care Summer Camp Colonia

Explore the exceptional Learn to Swim Program at Oak Crest Day Camp, highly favored by families with 8-10-year-olds living near Colonia. We make it easy for you with transportation services, including pick up and drop off, so your child can enjoy our premier aquatic facilities without any hassle.

Our camp near Bridgewater boasts a 12,000 square foot Aquatic Complex specifically designed for 3rd-grade juniors, and a large pool with eight 25-meter lanes catered to 4th-grade juniors. Here, young swimmers begin in shallow areas and advance to deeper waters as their skills develop, all under the supervision of certified swim instructors and supportive counselors. Our 40-minute daily lessons are tailored to individual skill levels, ensuring personalized attention and confidence building in the water.

With more than 25 years of experience, our swim program adheres to American Red Cross standards and integrates proven techniques. We continually train our instructors to maintain the highest quality of instruction. Each afternoon, our juniors can participate in free swim sessions, providing a safe and enjoyable environment to practice their new skills and simply have fun. Join us at Oak Crest Day Camp and watch your child thrive in and out of the water!

Learn to Ride a Bicycle

8, 9, and 10 Year Olds Summer Camp Colonia

Discover Oak Crest Day Camp’s Bicycle Village, the perfect biking adventure for your 8-10-year-olds, conveniently located near Bridgewater. We also provide transportation, including pick up and drop off, making it accessible for families living near Colonia.

Our camp features a modern facility with a 1/4-mile training course, an advanced pump track, and a mountain bike preparation trail designed to challenge and excite budding cyclists. Cycling at Oak Crest is about more than just learning to ride; it promotes independence and enhances essential skills such as balance, coordination, posture control, and motor abilities.

With personalized instruction from experienced instructors, even beginner bikers gain the confidence they need to succeed. We provide appropriately sized bikes and helmets, ensuring your child’s safety and comfort. Watch your child progress from mastering basic skills to excelling in our Mountain Biking Program. Join us at Oak Crest Day Camp for a cycling adventure that your young rider will never forget!

Ropes Courses

4th Grade Summer Camp Colonia

Discover the thrilling ropes courses at Oak Crest Day Camp, specially designed for adventurous 8-10-year-olds and conveniently located near Bridgewater. We offer transportation, including pick up and drop off, catering specifically to families near Colonia to ensure easy access to our exciting facilities.

Our Confidence Course, set just 5 feet off the ground, is perfect for young campers to gain familiarity with belaying techniques while engaging with elements similar to those found on our more challenging High Ropes Course. For those seeking additional thrills, our Climbing Tower offers two rock walls, a 200-yard zip line, and the exhilarating Giant Swing.

The High Ropes Course presents a more demanding set of rock walls and mid-air obstacles, suited for our more daring campers. At Oak Crest, safety is paramount. Our courses undergo rigorous inspections by the original builders before each season starts, and certified ropes instructors conduct daily checks and guide participants through every challenge.

Oak Crest Day Camp is the ideal destination for your child to experience memorable adventures in a secure environment. Join us for a summer of safe and exciting outdoor activities!


Join the excitement at Oak Crest Day Camp, perfectly suited for 8-10-year-olds and conveniently near Bridgewater! For families living near Colonia, we provide transportation services including pick up and drop off, making it easy for your child to be part of our vibrant camp community.

During Choice time, campers have the freedom to select their preferred activities for the week from a rotating list that includes a variety of sports, creative arts, engaging drama productions, and special dance routines. A camp favorite is Showcrest, our annual dance and drama event, where the creativity and enthusiasm of our campers truly shine.

Don’t miss the chance for your child to explore their interests and showcase their talents at Oak Crest Day Camp, where fun and excitement meet a supportive and creative environment.

Social Development

At Oak Crest Day Camp, located conveniently near Bridgewater, we foster a thriving community for young adventurers aged 8-10. For families near Colonia, we ensure easy access to our camp with transportation services that include pick up and drop off.

Under the guidance of our dedicated counselors, campers learn to collaborate and support each other, fostering a culture of respect and effective communication. This nurturing environment is key to developing vital social and emotional skills that pave the way for future success. We maintain a strict anti-bullying policy to ensure that every child feels safe and valued, making it possible for them to build lasting friendships and grow in confidence.