Discover Adventure at Oak Crest Day Camp in Belle Mead, NJ | Exciting Summer Activities Await!

Summer camp for 5th & 6th graders 10-12 years old near Belle Mead

Parents and children aged 10-12 in the Belle Mead area, discover the excitement that awaits at Oak Crest Day Camp! This camp offers senior campers an unforgettable experience filled with a vast selection of activities, including exhilarating day trips that highlight an adventure to Dorney Park, a place teeming with fun and excitement.

At Oak Crest Day Camp, located in Belle Mead, our senior campers are treated to a plethora of engaging options. They benefit from advanced Choice offerings, allowing them to tailor their camp experience with the widest variety of activities available. More than just a camp, Oak Crest becomes a place where memories are made during exclusive events like the Senior Late Nights. These special evenings are designed for seniors to enjoy the camp in a unique way, with special dinners, extended swim times, additional games, and one-of-a-kind events, all culminating in twilight campfires where the air is sweet with the scent of S’mores.

Senior Athletics

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Oak Crest Day Camp, located near the vibrant Belle Mead area, welcomes sports enthusiasts with a plethora of athletic activities tailored for the senior age group. Our campers enjoy the thrill of various sports across our wide, well-equipped fields. Each week is a new adventure with soccer, football, pickleball, lacrosse, archery, basketball, hockey, BMX, skateboarding, and more on the agenda. Our skilled coaches not only introduce campers to these sports but also enhance their gameplay through expert instruction and engaging activities. Camp counselors are always on hand, providing a nurturing atmosphere that encourages every camper to embrace their achievements and build confidence through sports.

Additionally, Oak Crest offers an exhilarating League Play for senior boys and girls. This program features competitive matches in soccer, handball, football, and dodgeball, where campers face off against new opponents every week, adding an exciting layer of camaraderie and competition to their camp experience.

At Oak Crest Day Camp near Belle Mead, we promise your 10-12-year-old an unforgettable summer filled with excitement, learning, and adventure. Join us for a season where every day is a journey of discovery and fun!

Creative Arts

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Located near Belle Mead, Oak Crest Day Camp is the go-to destination for parents and their children aged 10-12 looking for an enriching summer experience. Our camp offers a wide variety of artistic activities led by skilled instructors in the comfort of air-conditioned spaces. Campers have the opportunity to dive into a world of creativity and exploration with activities like Ceramics, Music, “Mad Science”, Cooking, Drama, Nature Exploration, “Camper vs. Wild” challenges, Dance, Digital Photography, Jewelry Making, Computers, and more, ensuring a diverse experience at least once every week.

Additionally, our Senior Girl groups receive a unique chance to participate in Showcrest, our annual Dance and Drama Production. This highlight event takes place during the camp’s 6th week at a local Belle Mead venue. It’s a grand celebration of talent, complete with professional-grade sound and lighting, where participants can shine in a specially choreographed Dance routine, making for an unforgettable summer spectacle.

Learn to Swim

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Oak Crest Day Camp, renowned for its exceptional Learn to Swim Program, attracts families from Belle Mead and surrounding areas. Our program is hosted in a state-of-the-art aquatic facility, featuring a Gigantic Pool with eight 25m lanes that our Seniors (aged 10-12) find absolutely exhilarating.

Daily, our Seniors participate in 40-minute swim lessons, meticulously organized by certified instructors. These lessons are uniquely tailored to match the swimmer’s skill level, ensuring personalized attention and progress. Our swimming instructors are not only certified but also bring a wealth of experience, benefiting from annual training updates and over 25 years of teaching swimming to children. This approach guarantees that every participant receives top-tier instruction based on American Red Cross standards and proven teaching methodologies.

In the afternoons, the Senior Campers engage in Free Swim sessions, a time to practice their skills and enjoy the water’s refreshing embrace. This element of our program has cemented Oak Crest Day Camp’s reputation among Belle Mead families as a premier destination for fostering swimming proficiency and confidence in young swimmers.

Ropes Courses

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Attention parents residing near Belle Mead!

Welcome to Oak Crest Day Camp, a haven of adventure for your 10-12-year-olds! At our new Belle Mead location, we invite your children to join a community where excitement and adventure meet safety and learning. Our camp is renowned for its Climbing Tower and High Ropes course, a duo that offers an unparalleled adventure every week.

Our Climbing Tower is not just any tower; it features two rock walls designed to challenge and excite, a thrilling 200-yard Zipline for the daring, a Giant Cargo Net that tests agility and strength, Jacob’s Ladder for teamwork and determination, and the crowd-favorite Giant Swing that promises an adrenaline rush like no other.

The adventure continues on our High Ropes course, a meticulously designed obstacle course set in the air. It includes various rock walls and mid-air challenges that push limits while building confidence. We’re excited to introduce our new High Ropes Confidence Course, the latest addition that’s set to raise the bar for aerial adventure.

Safety is our unwavering commitment at Oak Crest Day Camp. Our ropes courses are inspected and certified by the very experts who built them, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety. Moreover, our certified ropes instructors perform daily checks to guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience for every camper.

Embark on an adventure with us at our Belle Mead location, where your children will face exciting challenges, make lasting memories, and possibly discover new passions. Oak Crest Day Camp is the place where adventures are endless and memories are made. Join us for an unforgettable summer experience!


Parents residing near Belle Mead will find Oak Crest Day Camp a stimulating environment for their children. At this vibrant location, our Choice sessions offer a dynamic selection of activities tailored for young campers aged 10-12. Each week, they have the freedom to select from a diverse range of options that not only includes traditional sports and arts but also features unique experiences. Campers can immerse themselves in the world of theater by participating in our spectacular Drama Production or showcase their rhythm and moves in our exclusive Dance routine. Additionally, for the older campers, the annual Showcrest stands out as a memorable event. This remarkable fusion of Dance and Drama provides an extraordinary platform for seniors to display their talents, contributing to lasting memories and a sense of achievement. Oak Crest Day Camp, now embracing its new setting near Belle Mead, continues to offer an enriching summer experience where every child shines.

Social Development

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Located near Belle Mead, Oak Crest Day Camp is the premier summer retreat cherished by children aged 10-12 and highly regarded by parents in the vicinity. Our camp provides a dynamic setting where kids, under the careful supervision of our experienced counselors, partake in a variety of exhilarating team-based activities and competitions throughout the summer. These engaging experiences are designed to promote the importance of teamwork, enhance communication skills, and encourage mutual support within each group. Our counselors are committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect and friendship, setting the stage for enduring relationships and ensuring that every child feels included. At Oak Crest, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, ensuring a safe and supportive environment where every camper is encouraged to grow both emotionally and socially, equipping them with critical life skills.